Agile Development & Scrum Framework Online Workshop

Why this course will help your career

With a better understanding of your customer and the market, you are now ready to build. This workshop focuses on continually improving a product, using a team, and delivering top quality products. The most well-known Agile product management methodologies include Scrum (which you will learn about in this course). What does it take to build a product successfully?

In this course you will learn:

  • Agile approach to Product Development
  • Agile Framework
  • Principles in the Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum tools and techniques
  • Build Product Backlog
  • User stories writing
  • How to make significant contributions as a Scrum team

Award: A certificate of completion will be awarded after completion of workshop for your bragging rights! This way your network is able to see your credentials which in turn will expand your network.

Agile Development & Scrum Framework Online Workshop
Upcoming: November 13th, 2021.

November 13, 2021
9:00am Central European Time

Why you should take this course

  • You want to learn about every important task and all the core skills required when working with Agile development teams.
  • You want to learn each activity that Product Managers and Product Owners are responsible for in-depth and how to apply these skills to real-world situations.
  • You want to learn the best practices for Product Managers and Product Owners as well as team leadership skills.

"What our students say"

Ezinne Maureen Ukobasi

Technical Project Manager, made Culture

The Input of practical exercises irrespective of the virtual nature of the class.

Eti-ima Unwana Brownson

Product Manager, Konga

It was such an intensive, intriguing and enlightening session. It's just a week into the course and it feels like I have already gotten the complete value invested in the course. I have no doubt the remaining 5 weeks are going to be awesomazing! Can't wait! Congratulations to the facilitators of ProductDive for raising product world class Icons.

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